Abundant Blushing Passion - Dried Flower Arrangement

Abundant Blushing Passion - Dried Flower Arrangement

Statement Piece

Home Decor Feature Arrangement

Real Dried and Preserved Flowers - Our Ever Lasting Arrangements


A selection of foliage, flowers in reds, browns, neutral & beige tones.  This stunning piece will make a statement in your home interior.


BONUS 150g Glass Cantata Elixir Candle with Every Flower Arrangement


These are one-off unique pieces, created with spiritual intentions.

H: 72cm W 46cm


Easily transfer your flower arrangement to your own vase.


Colours/Flower Meaning 


Red - Passion, Grounding, Strength, Action, Energy & Determination

Beige - Tranquility, Comfort, Simplicity & Warmth

Brown – Stability, Honesty, Comfort, Grounding & Dependable

White – Purity, Innocence, Perfection, Balance & Simplicity


Chrysanthemum - Friendship, Cheerfulness, Compassion & Honesty

Bunny/Hare Tails - Freedom & Fresh Starts

Rice Flower - New Life

Valentine Grass  - 

Amaranthus – Immortality, Eternal Affection, Good Luck, Prosperity & Fidelity

Pampas Grass Spiritual Strength, Divination, Creativity, Protection, Meditation & Concentration

Preserved Gypsophila - Purity, Sincerity, Love, Compassion, Trust, Everlasting Love, Innocence, and Romance

Thistle Branch – Endurance, unity & Victory