Amity Flush - Dried Flower Arrangement

Amity Flush - Dried Flower Arrangement

Home Decor Feature Arrangement

Real Dried and Preserved Flowers - Our Ever Lasting Arrangements


A selection of dried foliage, flowers in bold red and purple tones with pops of forest green for contrast.  This stunning piece will make a statement in your home interior.


BONUS 150g Glass Cantata Elixir Candle with Every Flower Arrangement


These are one-off unique pieces, created with spiritual intentions.

H: 42cm W 19cm


Easily transfer your flower arrangement to your own vase.


Colours/Flower Meaning 


Red - Passion, Grounding, Strength, Action, Energy & Determination

Purple - Spiritual, Intuition, Imagination & Wisdom

Green - Harmony, Safety, Growth & Health

Beige - Tranquility, Comfort, Simplicity & Warmth

Black - Protection, Power, Sophistication & Elegance



Symbolises Friendship, Cheerfulness, Compassion & Honesty

Associated Tarot Card - The Sun

Eucalyptus (All) 

Brings new energy, heal regrets and worries, raise your vibration, healing & protection.

Bunny/Hare Tails - Symbol of Freedom & Fresh Starts

Fern - Sincerity, Endurance, Renewal & Perseverance

Rice Flower - New Life

Buxus Sinica - Longevity and Immortality